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511 Avenue of the America, Suite 721, New York, NY  10011
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Corporate Training Services
Welcome to SpaceEvent, LLC
We provide outstanding training and education to individuals and groups using theoretical, educational, psychological, motivational, and inspirational approaches and exercises to enhance excellence.

SpaceEvent, LLC offers numerous customized professional development opportunities for families and both educational and business communities, such as for business training workshops. All workshops are led by experienced and certified trainers with diverse backgrounds and years of professional training and experiences. The location for training sessions can be onsite or offsite, as determined during initial consultation. Explore our many existing training programs and services, including customer service training programs. Please contact us to create and deliver a program that fits the needs of your organization or business.

SpaceEvent, LLC is committed to providing the best corporate training services and career developmental analysis and training in the industry today. We are constantly improving corporations' and agencies' growth and potentials to maximize projected goals and objectives. Our vision is not to just implement our successful, commonly used tools and programs but to listen to clients and to guide them to acquire and enhance excellence. Together, we work as a team to get the company to where it should be and to ensure that the employees are inspired and motivated to excel.
SpaceEvent, LLC - Customer Service Training Programs
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  • Corporate Training and Development
  • Career Development and Coaching
  • Leadership Management
  • Industrial and Organizational Counseling
  • Customer Services
  • Presentation Effectiveness and Public Speaking
  • Corporations and Businesses Process Improvements
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Family Counseling and Life Coaching

Customer Service Training Programs