About Us
SpaceEvent, LLC provides career coaching, corporate development, business solution and consultations to companies. We offer life and career training development and motivational seminars, lectures, and workshops that are designed to educate learners on finance, career developments, effective communication, and family dynamics. We provide learners with the best useful information and insightful research that certify success.  Our courses concentrate on transforming everyday challenges into winning opportunities within the workplace and beyond. To date, SpaceEvent's team has offered more than 1,700 educational experiences for more than 15,000 people across New York State and nationally.

About our President and CEO:

SpaceEvent, LLC was founded by Nekeela De Haarte, M.S.  Nekeela holds bachelor’s degrees in education and forensic psychology and a master’s in clinical psychology.  Nekeela has been in the field of counseling and education for the more 10 years.  Nekeela has worked in the field of leadership, education, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, bereavement counseling, inspirational and public speaking.
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New York, NY 10011
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511 Avenue of the America, Suite 721, New York, NY  10011
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