1. Corporate Training and Development

All organizations or companies should have an annual corporate training and development refresher course so that employees can remain and sustain goals, professionalism, company's vision and mission. We believe in enabling world-renowned quality development and corporate training services to companies seeking growth in performance and/or productivity. We design, create, and deliver a wide range of innovative learning solutions within our interactive workshops, courses, and seminars. The goal of our approach is to magnify growth, innovation, and leadership within your organization. Our solutions and approaches are based on the latest industry research and analysis conducted by our experienced and analytical specialists to improve corporations and businesses processes.

2. Career Development and Coaching

Our trained and skilled professionals assist clients with discovering and exploring right attitudes to optimize performances and goals, boosting confidence, energizing enthusiasm, mastering professionalism, and balancing work and family dynamics. We provide some proven techniques for creating work ethics while maintaining professionalism. Learners of our programs utilize tools and strategies gained from the course within their everyday lives to maintain a well balanced life style. Some key goals of our career development are to disable hostility, master verbal de-escalation and transition potential adversaries into beneficial colleagues.

3. Leadership Management

Today's leaders know that magnitudes of skills are needed to motivate modern teams. These skills can be learned through our leadership management or business training workshop with less stress and time than training to be a leader on the job. SpaceEvent, LLC's leadership workshop helps leaders and future leaders develop the correct approaches to adequately lead. We focus on developing and sustaining confidence and abilities of all leadership qualities. Our strategic tools facilitate leadership through individual hidden power, assertiveness to take charge and lead, and discovering inner qualities of enthusiasm and confidence while focusing on the organization and/or individual's visions and missions. Our leadership course provides assessments to determine recognition of leaders' qualities, traits, styles, discipline, and attitudes.

4. Industrial and Organizational Counseling

Industrial and organizational counseling is very important for future of any company, ranging from very small to extremely large corporations. As experts in industrial and organizational counseling we focus on analyzing the full scope of the individual company or organization. During our analysis we inspect the employees' comments, concerns, and performances; and the overall workplace performance. Once the observation is complete, we aim to improve the success of the organization's performance and well being of its employees and associates. We utilize and implement tools to improve companies hiring process, training programs, and systems.

5. Customer Service(s)

Companies should always seek to improve the customer service of employees, especially if the main source income derives from customers and/or associates. Our customer service training programs provide a blended learning environment of discussions, DVDs, and integrated exercises on the excellence of customer service. Our traditional style classroom training offers experienced trainers' supervision to ensure that all techniques taught are learned and employees' plans for implementation is discussed prior to completions of the course. We believe that once employees are properly and routinely trained, they would fluently demonstrate professional customer service skills. Excellent customer service can definitely improve customers or clients' satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Presentation Effectiveness and Public Speaking

Whether one is speaking to a group, persuading colleagues, selling a product, or motivating a team, the power of within the presentation make the difference between success and failure. Public speaking or presenting can be nerve wrecking for many. We take gentle pride in getting each learner mobilized to be confident, persuasive, organized, and communicative with minimal distractions of nervousness (butterflies) and/or forgetfulness. Our program does not just train learners to look like a speaker but we train to succeed at presenting flawlessly. Learning materials focus on the importance of confidence to deliver the message in front of any group effortlessly. We want every learner to view his/her presentation as nothing more than an expanded conversation.

7. Team Building

Team Building is a very essential aspect of any relationship. Whether it's for work or family, team building plays an essential role to get things done. Team building is the foundation and infrastructure of all relationship. If a relationship lacks team work, productivity fails. Our team building courses focus on bringing out the best qualities of the team to ensure individual improvement, positive communication, leadership recognition, and ability to work well together towards all goals while demonstrating the values, mission(s), and vision(s) of the team.

8. Communications

Our communications' workshops and seminars train each learner how to strengthen his/her interpersonal communication style, interpersonal relationships with colleagues, family, and friends. Manage stress in various situations, and handle the evolution of workplace ongoing changes. Each learner would be given customized tools to be better equipped to perform excellent under pressure, be an excellent communicator, problem-solve in challenging situations, and be focused on all objectives to be a successful communicator.

9. Family Counseling and Life Coaching (Balancing Family, Life, and Work)

Balancing family, life experiences, and work can be very stressful. Our workshops and seminars teach families how to balance and incorporate both family and career into everyday's life experiences to succeed at success.

10. Inspirational and Motivational Seminars

We host yearly inspirational and motivational seminars in New York City. Join us!
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